Kids can have a great time at events and the Sealed Knot is tailor-made for families, giving your kids an interest and passion for history while introducing them to new friends.

Manchesterís has Ďapprenticesí who are a group of young people in the regiment not yet old enough to join the regular Sealed Knot Apprentices or to go onto the battlefield.

They get together at as many musters as possible to practice their skills in pike, musket and drumming, using scaled down versions of weapons but engaging in vigorous drilling - often outshining the adult members with their abilities.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the kids when the battle is on?

There are many members of the regiment who donít take part in battles, so thereís always someone at the campsite who keeps an eye on the youngsters.

Quite often they will come and watch the battle from the sidelines.

What kit will they need?

If they want to dress up, childrenís kit is really easy to get hold of and the regiment has some kit can be lent to you for their first few musters.

So What Do Kids Do at Events?

The Sealed Knot is a really family-friendly organisation and is a great hobby for everyone to enjoy.

Our campsites are secure and there are always people able to keep an eye on the kids while you relax.

The apprentices have a great deal of fun whilst drilling and also take part in variousenergetic games depending on what their leaders can think up.

It is the aim of Manchesterís Apprentices to help young people learn about the Sealed Knot and to take part as much as their age allows.

All Manchester Apprentices are encouraged to join the regular Sealed Knot Apprentices once they reach the age of 14. This will give them the relevant experience and skills required to ensure they are ready to go onto the battlefield once they reach 16.

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