Want to join up or looking for more details about becoming a member of our regiment? Don’t be afraid – we’d love to hear from you! For just £10 you can have a taster weekend with no commitment and all your kit provided – fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch, contact our recruitment team leader Ian on theearlofmanchesters@gmail.com, or contact the recruitment team member for your area by clicking on their profile below.

Or contact the recruitment team member for your area to find out why our regiment is ideal for you!

North West: Graham Langhorne

Graham runs our musket block and is based in Blackpool.

Email: Graham-Langhorne@sky.com Phone: 07825 041468

Yorks & North East: Ian Handley

Ian is a pike sergeant & lives near Leeds.

Email: handley_ian@hotmail.com Phone: 07786 116996

Cheshire: Mike Graham

Mike is one of our musketeers and lives near Chester.

Email: mike.graham@tiscali.co.uk Phone: 07759 989 153

West Midlands: David Frederick

David is our commanding officer and lives in Birmingham.

Contact David >>

Oxford & London: Mike Molcher

Mike is our ensign and preacher, and is based in Oxford.
Email: manchesterspr@ymail.com Phone: 07821 405772

Bristol & South West: Denise Linke

Denise is a musket sergeant and lives near Bristol.

Contact Denise >>


Debbie Huck-Jones

Debbie is a musket corporal and lives near Tewkesbury.
Email: debbiehuck@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 07974 963655